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Dated Released : 29 December 2011
Quality : BluRay 720p .x264.2Audio-HDC
Info : imdb.com/title/tt2186875
Aka : Laughing Gor - Qian Zui Fan
Star : Michael Tse, Francis Ng, Chapman To
Genre : Action | Crime
By: cinemaexe.blogspot.com

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Undercover cop Laughing (Michael Tse) enters prison to track inmate and corrupt cop Tai Chit (Chapman To). Laughing then meets fellow prisoner Fok Tin Yam (Francis Ng), who is a former professor now imprisoned for drug dealing. Fok Tin Yam seems also interested in Tai Chit. Things become more complicated when Laughing encounters his old nemesis So Sing Pak (Bosco Wong).

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